Students feel effects of slow economy

Click here to read article and watch video News Channel 14 Carolina - by Ashley White WILMINGTON – College students at UNC Wilmington are feeling the effects of the failing economy on their job searches. But some entrepreneurs in the area are showing that there is still hope. Business Partners Meredith Sullivan and Kristen Beckmeyer are self-employed making and selling cupcakes. The duo met in UNC Wilmington’s business program. After dealing with the slow economy and a lack of jobs, they decided to start Coastal Cupcakes. "We wanted to live here forever, but to find a job that we could really move up in and do the things we wanted just didn't exist, so we had to make our own," said Beckmeyer. "UNCW is fabulous. The problem is [that] getting a good job here in Wilmington is hard.” But according to UNCW Career Center Director Thom Rakes, many students are struggling to find their careers. "We are also seeing a big increase of students that are employed, but also are looking because they took something that put food on the table,” Rakes said. “They are continuing to look for something that is more related to the area that they would like to be in.” Rakes said students don't want to leave the area, which adds to their struggle of finding a job. "As a whole we are a hospitality town, so there aren't a lot of professional positions and certainly all the students that would like to stay in Wilmington absolutely can not," said Rakes. According to Rakes, students are finding jobs in health care, teaching and accounting in areas that continue to thrive despite the faltering economy.