Free cupcake? Local biz trys new FB function

Click here to read article November 9, 2010 By Business Journal staff Wilmington startup Coastal Cupcakes is trying something new with Facebook Places and Deals. Facebook launched a new function, location-based Deals, last Wednesday and Coastal Cupcakes is one of the first Wilmington businesses to try this out. Coastal Cupcakes is using the Facebook Deals function to give a free cupcake to users who check in via Facebook on their mobile phone to their downtown location. Facebook check in is only available on phones with mobile web browsing or a built in Facebook application. To check in, users visit from their mobile phone and choose “Places.”  Once they check in, their status is updated to reflect where they are. Facebook Deals works by allowing retailers to create specific deals that are offered only to those who check in at their location. Those deals are associated with the specific location within Facebook Places. “We are trying out this promotion to see how it works and if it brings people into the store.” said Kristen Beckmeyer, co-owner. “Facebook Places is new and sometime you can’t check in, but we are still giving cupcakes to people who come in and update their Facebook status from their mobile phone. We want to be sure that people who make the effort, still get a cupcake.” Beckmeyer explained that Facebook Places only works with iPhone and other smart phones, but if the person shows the cashier that they updated their Facebook status with a note about being at Coastal Cupcakes downtown, they can still qualify. The promotion is only available at the downtown Coastal Cupcakes, on the corner of 2nd and Princess on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Beckmeyer limited to promotion to 50 cupcakes per day to ensure that it would not get out of control. Coastal Cupcakes worked with local marketing firm TayloeGray, who shares the building with them, to develop the concept and implent the deal on Facebook. “I am interested to see if people use this new feature of Facebook,” said Beckmeyer.