Coast to coast: Cupcakes head for the beach

Click here to read the article By Brytani Fraser June 26, 2009 Less than a year ago, two friends, Kristen Beckmeyer and Meredith Sullivan, followed their dream to go into business together by opening Coastal Cupcakes on Princess Street. “We wanted a business that we could run completely by ourselves,” Beckmeyer said, “And cupcakes are good in any kind of weather.” Ten months later, their philosophy proves true. Despite the poor economic climate, the pair has continued to build on their dream as they opened a second location at the intersection of Wrightsville Avenue and Eastwood Road. Beckmeyer and Sullivan knew it was time to open a new location when their customers fervently requested easier access to their favorite treats. When they were approached about the building on Wrightsville earlier in the year, the deal was too good to pass up. The store was opened mid-May with a grand opening on May 30. “Since then, business has been great at both sites,” Beckmeyer explained. “We really can’t ask for more.” The new building, painted bright green, is more than visible from both roads and enjoys tempting the ample traffic. To put the icing on the cupcake, the new location also has out-front parking. “We really just see this as an opportunity to expand our customer base,” Sullivan and Beckmeyer agreed. The pair reports most of their revenue stemming from walk-ins and loyal customers looking for a snack with a 70/30 split between cupcake sales and catering. Since their first store opened last July, Beckmeyer and Sullivan have learned a lot about the food industry. “You could say we learned from scratch,” they laughed. “We’ve been very lucky. The support of the town has been the reason for our success and we thank everyone again and again.”